A Mother’s Love

Many, many years ago a wise woman once told me “a mother’s love is second to God’s love.” The woman who shared these words was a mother herself.  Though I did not fully comprehend the meaning of this sentiment, since I was a mere 20 yrs. old,  these words of wisdom have been forever embedded in my consciousness.  Though not yet a mother myself, I can only begin to imagine the love a mother feels for her children regardless of their age.  The photos below were taken of my dear friend Jodi (who might I add is an amazing photographer) with her son Jacob, on a gorgeous fall day two years ago.  Jodi has another son as well, but he wasn’t available the day of my visit.  The setting was their home located in the countryside of Tennessee.  The day was magical, the moments fleeting and the love flowing!  Whenever I look at these photos I can almost feel the meaning of the words shared by a wise woman many years ago…

Jodi and Jacob Blog Collage-001



A w a r d s
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