Fun on the Farm With Niklas & Brady

Late last summer I had the pleasure of visiting my family in North Dakota.  It’s always so fun seeing everyone…especially my nephews.  Watching the children play on the farm brings back so many memories of my own childhood. Memories of playing in the dirt, riding my aqua colored banana seat bike, and countless daydreaming .   The photos below are of my nephews Niklas and Brady.  The boys are the best buddies who love playing on the farm, Bison Football, and John Deere.  Did I say they love all things Bison?!  They love the Bison so much that they would compete with one another to see who could scream “Bison” the loudest;  see the second photo below.  It was a good thing we were not indoors at the time!  No matter what these two get into they sure have fun.  It’s bittersweet to think how quickly time passes.  In a blink of an eye these two rascals will be all grown up.  When that time comes, I hope they have as fond memories of their childhood as I have of mine.  To check out more fun on the farm with my nephews and niece you may do so here.

Photos of children with John Deere toys and tractors Brady and Niklas Blog Collage-002

  • Claire althoff

    I loved seeing the photos of Vera, as well as these of Niklas and Brady! You are a talented woman and photographer. Thanks for sharing these.

  • Thank you, Claire! Your words of affirmation are most appreciated.:.) It’s always so fun to be around the family. I get sad at times thinking how much I miss…especially with all the littles running around being silly. It’s so great that you get to enjoy the rascals on a regular basis!

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