Grandma Vera’s Coffee Table Book

Isn’t she lovely?!  This is my Grandma Vera.  A year ago we did this portrait session to celebrate her 94th birthday.  While photographing Grandma Vera I also made it a point to photograph the various rooms in her house.  This was done for her and for the rest of our family.  Knowing how life has a way of constantly changing, I wanted to have a record of the person and place I hold dear in my heart.  Fast forward a year and Grandma Vera decided it was time to downsize, and moved into an assisted living home to be with her friends.  This book is my gift to her so that she can remember the old home that she loved, while enjoying her new home with friends.  Life is short.  You gotta photograph the people, pets, places, and things that you love before they are gone.  Then it’s important to actually PRINT images to make the memories tangible, so that they can be cherished forever!

  • Melanie Rogne

    I love that book you made for your Grandma Vera! What a nice thing to do, and so good to see that she is still going strong!

  • Leann Pass

    Oh Angela! So beautiful, and so special! I completely agree with you when it comes to photographs. So glad you use this talent of yours!

  • Thank you! I’m so grateful to have been able to do such a portrait session of Grandma Vera. I wish I could do more sessions like this of others’ grandparents.

  • Thank you! As you know time passes all too quickly. I dread when the day comes to say goodbye. These are photos that I will cherish forever!

  • Penny Core

    I love this book. Your grandma has a lovely home. So warm and inviting, the way she appears to be. In one of the photos she has a cute little smile that shows what she was like as a 5 yr old. I love it. I bet she has a lot of wonderful stories.

  • Thank you, Penny! Grandma Vera is as she appears in the photos…very warm, inviting and loving! It’s been such a gift hearing her stories and spending moments together all these years.

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