Grandma’s Generations Fine Art Album

They say “a mother’s love is second to God’s love” but what about a grandmother’s love?!  For those of you who have been been blessed to have a loving grandmother or two in your life, you know how a grandmother is a family member to be treasured.  Though my grandmother Hattie (my mother’s mother) passed when I was about to enter grade 5, to this day her memory still lives in me and I have moments when I find myself missing her.  On a lighter and more positive note, my Grandma Vera (my father’s mother) is still alive and well at the age of 92.  Like my Grandma Hattie, my Grandma Vera has been a beacon of light in my life.  She is a positive person who takes pride in whatever she puts her handiwork to…be it sewing, cooking, painting, gardening…the list goes on and on.  When I was growing up my Grandma Vera sewed clothing for my siblings and myself, made toys for us, played with us and always had a way of making us feel loved and special.  Anyway, when it came time to give Grandma a Christmas present this year I was sort of at all loss.  What do you give someone special…like a grandmother…when they already have everything they want or need?!  Yeah, that’s a tough one right.  I know you know exactly what I mean too.  Anyway, since I had the opportunity to see my entire family last summer and document the four generations in our family, it only seemed appropriate to put together a fine art album of the best photos from our time together.  The photos in the book were casual photos taken on my parent’s farm during this time.  Though photographing the great-grandchildren (my siblings have children) was a little challenge (they are movers and shakers), I gotta say they stole the show!  Here is the layout from Grandma’s Generations Fine Art Album.  By the way, Grandma loved her book even though it was a Christmas present given in June!


A w a r d s
R e v i e w s