Happiness through the eyes of a child is…

Though I have never marketed myself as a child portrait photographer, I have photographed many children throughout the years.  Most of the children have belonged to friends and/or family members.  And though my own childhood days have long since passed, I can still remember the amazement and curiosity I held for the world around me and all of the new experiences that came into my life.  In many ways I still feel this way especially when encountering the joys of natures creatures and the discovery of a new place.  Anyway, it gives me great joy to view the world through the lens of a child.  Below are photos of a dear friend’s daughter that were taken awhile back.  The images epitomize the long, lazy days of summer fun when you are a child.  Sometimes I wish I could step back in time to those days…if only for just a day.

A w a r d s
R e v i e w s