Heather & Emerson | Heirloom Italian Fine Art Wedding Album

Every couple desires to have the perfect wedding.  What that means to everyone can vary greatly.  Last year all weddings I photographed took place in one location.  These weddings have without a doubt become my favorite to photograph.  In my opinion, the simplicity of logistics provides to a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for the couple getting married, the bridal party, family and guests.  With this being said, one of the many things that made Heather & Emerson’s wedding day so memorable was that fact it took place at their own home.  A few months prior to the wedding we did their engagement session at their home as well, which was equally enjoyable.  Because the engagement session and wedding all took place in a space that has significance to Heather & Emerson, I believe that was one of the reasons I was able to capture such intimate, organic and timeless moments from their life.  It gives me great pleasure to share Heather & Emerson’s Fine Art Album from their beautiful wedding day!  Congratulations to you both! I know you are going to have a beautiful journey together!

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