McMurray Generation Portrait Session | Italian Fine Art Album

Last year I had the opportunity to work with the McMurray family on two occasions, first doing a portrait session of four generations of females in May and then photographing Heather’s gorgeous wedding in September.  Back in 2010 I photographed Carolyn’s wedding, so by now as you might guess I have become well acquainted with the lovely McMurray family!  Going back a moment, last summer when Catherine approached me about doing a portrait session of her with daughters and granddaughter as a birthday gift for husband Brian I was all in.  As a further enhancement to the portrait  session, I suggested we include Catherine’s mother.  Catherine loved the idea!  Since I was photographing four generations of females it only seemed appropriate for me to coin this session a Generation Portrait Session as a special name is deserved for a special occasion!  When you bring together families that are so connected and put them in front of the camera, it is hard not to produce sweet images of shared, treasured moments.  Quite honestly, I now think all families with multiple generations need to do a session or sessions throughout the years, like this to remember their family at various life stages.  Anyway, here is the Italian Fine Art Album from this beautiful day!

A w a r d s
R e v i e w s