Ode, Floral Artistry

A couple of months ago I had the opportunity of meeting Rickey Minder of Ode, Floral Artistry.  New to town, Rickey has hit the ground running with Ode, Floral Artistry.  Rickey’s genuine personality is as lovely as her flowers…and I mean every bit of this!  It didn’t take much time at all talking with Rickey before I could tell how much of herself she invests in the people she works with and her romantic, wildflower artistry.  No matter how much any business may change, as long as it involves people the relationships we nurture with our clients and other professionals will always remain vital to our sustainability.  It takes a team of solid, talented professionals to make the wedding day a success.  I have complete faith that Rickey and her beloved creations are going to thrive in Nashville.  I look forward to getting to know Rickey better and to continue photographing her beautiful work!  I am confident that any bride placed in her hands will be in great hands.  Below is a sampling of some of Rickey’s work I photographed recently, as well as a little Q&A about herself and business.  Enjoy!

How did you get into floral design? 

When I was 10 my mom bought the flower store in our small town in Idaho, so I could be seen everyday after school cleaning flowers or helping customers.  I really started to blossom into the designer I am now when I worked for a beautiful shop called Wildflowers of Oregon. We purchased a lot of our flowers from an organic local grower, and it inspired my love for lush, natural, organic pieces.  When I was 19 I started coordinating all their weddings and events for 5 years, since then I’ve designed for other amazing florists, now here I am!

Explain your process of working with a bride.

The nuts and bolts are there, but it’s honestly an entirely different process from couple to couple, given their character, budget, etc… I like to know as much about a bride & groom going into a consultation as possible,  so much of planning isn’t just about season & color anymore.  I’m committed to working with a bride no matter her budget, so if that means we have to work hard to focus a small budget to fit a dream, I’m up for the challenge!  Some bride’s take a hundred emails, phone calls, and changes, some take 2.

What are your favorite flowers? 

Is this a fair question? It changes from moment to moment, I can be heard screaming from my studio, THESE are my favorite, every time a flower comes in, but a classic for me is the ranunculus, I think they are impossibly perfect!

What makes you different from other florists?

I like to work with brides who’s vision I know I can master because it fits my design style.  I will recommend another florist before taking on something I know I can’t do joyfully.  I like to be excited about my work, it makes my work better, then I know each product I put out is nothing short of my expectations or the bride’s. Some probably think I’m crazy to turn away work, but I think we are all here for the bride & groom, and it’s better for the community of wedding vendors to make each one happy.

What’s the one thing you love to hear in consultation with a bride?

“I trust you!”  I strive to work with brides who I mesh with so well, I know I can read her mind.  I think it’s vital that I see a brides vision the way she does.

And some personal questions! 

Mac or PC? Mac

iPhone or Blackberry? Neither, I think I’m one of the few of my generation that hates the overload of technology, I traded my Iphone in for a classic, wanna get ahold of me, you have to talk to me:)

Tea or Coffee?

Both! Chai Tea with a shot of espresso!

Favorite song right now?

Just one song, how about an album! I’m a little addicted to my hubbies new album, Better on the Other Side, but I’m also in love with Jessie Baylin’s new album, Little Spark.

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R e v i e w s