Pig Pig Is Family

When you ask people what family means to them it is not uncommon to get a different answer from person to person.  To many people pets are important members of the family, with the most obvious being cats and dogs.  My friend Jodi has multiple fur babies who are important members of her family.  One distinct member is her pig who she named Pig Pig.  When I was given the chance to photograph Pig Pig as a baby I jumped at the opportunity.  It’s not everyday such an offer is made to me, so I was thrilled!  These photos were taken two years ago when Pig Pig was still a baby.  Besides gushing over how cute Pig Pig was, it was so priceless to see how well he got along with the dogs.  Seeing Pig Pig run and play alongside the dogs and Jodi’s son Jacob was a sight to behold!  Looking back on that day my only regret is that I didn’t take more photos, and that Jodi’s husband and other son (James) weren’t around for a family portrait.

Fast forward two years, Pig Pig is very much a family member.  He lives inside the house with his dog siblings.  Weighing close to 100 pounds, Pig Pig will eat anything and everything in sight.  I cannot even begin to imagine what his food bill is every month!  More importantly Pig Pig is an intelligent, loving and cherished member of the family.  To view more photos of Pig Pig and his family you may do so here .


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